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Under the sea

Hugo Boss

Under the sea is a short documentary made for Hugo Boss on the island of Lanzarote with the actor Miguel Bernardeau and the professional surfer Aritz Aranburu. It tries to show the speech of two friends who speak from the heart showing that the truly important thing in life is to be aware of the present, enjoy the little moments and escape from material things. That is why they find happiness in surfing.

Creativity & Production Company – Studio Bruma
Director & Editor – Adrian Rodd
DOP – Pablo Pascual
Underwater DOP – Gastao Entrudo
Production Manager – Pedro Padrón
Producer & Still Photo – Ginés Díaz
Colorist – Ignacio Pinela
Composer – Gonso
Location Sound Mixer & Sound Design – Luis Ortega
Music – Gonzalo Sanz, Luis Ortega
Guitar – Guillermo Sanz
Special Thanks to Edelmiro Busto, Javi Molina & Juan Espino

The idea of ​​this project was to capture the message that the actor Miguel Bernardeau wanted to launch together with his friend, the professional surfer Aritz Aranburu, they have had very good experiences together in recently, related to surfing and nature, that is why the decision to film in a natural environment such as the island of Lanzarote where they felt comfortable and reached that “zen” point where they could send a message as personal and sincere as the one told in the short documentary.

We spent 4 days together in a house and we were documenting in a natural way, with a small script of what we wanted to transmit, but without repeating takes, and without taking the protagonists out of their natural routine in order to make the film as real as possible…


The concept was based on the slogan of the brand “Man of Today”, the successful man of today who does well in his work life and at the same time, has time to enjoy the real things of life, nature and clean air. Miguel and Aritz are clearly examples of “Man of Today” and in the testimony of the piece we have tried to narrate this message.


The product placement was clear to us that it had to be in the most natural way possible, the piece has to have a brand presence but it does not have to remove us from the message, or cause rejection in the receiver. We include several bottles of Hugo Boss fragrance in some scenes of the film developing the script with the protagonists and asking in what real situations they would use that product. In order for the project to be a win-win, both for the brand and for the protagonists, we developed a series of deliverables in which the brand was comfortable, short extracts for the use of the film on their social networks and some campaign photographs.


The short piece of the project was used as a teaser on the social networks of the protagonists and the brand, achieving more than 350,000 views.

Next, we show you some of the photos of the behind the scenes during the shooting.

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