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Madrid Office
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Terra Orbea


Complete campaign production for Orbea, one of the market leading bicycle brands. Working on launching the new gravel bike model Terra in its concept, creativity, production and post-production.

Creativity & Production Company – Studio Bruma
Production Manager – Pedro Padrón
Producer & Still Photo – Ginés Díaz
Director & Editor – Adrian Rodd
DOP – Nauzet Gaspar
1ST Camera: Pablo Blanco
Starring – Elena Bris – Christian Moya
Colorist – Ignacio Pinela
Composer & Sound Design – Luis Ortega
Copy – Carolina Basanta
Aux. Production – Ram Biko – Alejandro Rofera
Studio Bruma Private Chef – Edelmiro Busto
Client – Mikel Diaz – Jon Azkoita
Bike Mechanical – Jorge Perez
Special Thanks – Napa Collective


We chose Gran Canaria, because it is a paradise for biking, especially Gravel riding, a discipline that is gaining more followers by the day and that consists of a road shaped bicycle with mountain wheels, allowing users to ride through broken and unconventional roads and surfaces. Along with these new possibilities, this discipline has a more contemplative approach to biking, for more enjoyment of the environment and a further discovery whilst riding on a bicycle.


To convey those values of nature, broken roads, adventure and sacrifice, we shot the entire project on analog film, 16MM for video and 35MM/120MM for photography. Both photography and video show the imperfection of the broken path, the beauty of discovering new, unexpected things during that journey.

The product, in this case Orbea’s Terra bike, is present throughout the whole video. Showing different technical specifications was important, however the creative idea put forward to the brand put more weight on conveying the feelings, sensations and mood of riding gravel. We worked on that in the piece, but at the same time we also took detailed photos of each product plus video capsules of the details.

Our service for the shoot included a reduced team of three SUV cars, with the Orbea team divided alongside their bicycles, the featured car and a production vehicle. This way we could be agile and take advantage of the lighting and locations that Gran Canaria had to offer.


The campaign launch was communicated by the brand in both social media and their webpage, generating an exclusive site hosting all the content that was produced for them. This resulted in successfully selling out this model even before the launch.