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During the months of May and June 2020 we took care of the creative aspects as well as the video and photo production of BKOOL’s marketing campaign. We tried to portray the infinite experience that the brand proposes in an active and dynamic way, emphasizing the enjoyment of cycling and providing the possibility to do so from your own home.

Director & Editor: Adrian Rodd
DOP: Pablo Pascual
Producer: Pedro Padrón
Executive Producer & Photographer: Ginés Díaz
Copy: Ximo Peris
Art direction: Andrea Garandillas
Sound: Luis Ortega
Colorist: Nadia Khairat

Pedal, suffer like you do on the road. Compete and test yourself against other cyclists or train at your own pace. Develop a training plan that helps you reach your goals. BKOOL’s immersive experience aims to bring the adrenaline, the passion, and the landscapes of outdoor routes to your living room. The app allows you to replicate your own personal routes on the simulator for everyone´s enjoyment.

The spot’s energy seeks concordance with the BKOOL experience, where you can compete on your own, against friends, or against different cyclists from all around the globe from their respective homes; that was one of the key elements we took into account when designing the creative aspects of this campaign.


The first interior was shot on location in Madrid, and for the exterior shots, we spent three days searching for iconic spots around the location of Pueblo de la Alberca, in Salamanca (Spain). We found these places after walking around the area, which allowed us to improve our knowledge of this area. These images can be found in the promotional spot as well as in the investor’s video promo. We managed to endow the video and the photography with a notion of freedom, of nature, and of the kind of adventurous experience that the brand is looking to convey.


BKOOL also asked us to elaborate a video to reach international investors, because since the lockdown, indoor cycling software usage had grown 400%. We designed a five minute piece narrating the strengths of the brand’s present and future, supporting this narrative with VFX and motion graphics. There was a 12 people crew working on the post-production aspect of the project.

We added 10 pieces of video of 30 seconds each to the investor’s spot that provided a quick overview of all the characteristics of the product and it will be uploaded to social media during the first months of 2021.

All this work is translated into dynamic and vital content that capitalizes upon a hundred percent of the brand´s core values. We showcased the search for challenge and growth by casting professional cyclists instead of actors. To this end, we had a casting in which we searched for athletes that already trained together in their daily routines to, somehow, obtain a more natural performance. We looked for profiles that could exemplify the idea of healthy rivalry and friendly competition that the brand is promoting, thanks to their experience. An idea that becomes a reality through its rigorous application in concordance with the challenges and goals of these athletes. Thanks to them we were able to transmit the idea that the brand is after, which is to create a network of cyclists interconnected from different places in the world but with one common objective: the most customizable and fun indoor training in the market.

Here are some of the photos from the ‘making of’ of the project, which was shot during the lockdown, being the first filming to occur in Madrid after the pandemic and complying with all sanitary regulations.


Director & Editor: Adrían Rodd / Production Company: Studio Bruma / Director of photography: Pablo Pascual / Producer: Pedro Padrón / Executive Producer: Ginés Díaz / Copy: Ximo Peris / Aux production: Eduardo Garcia, Carlos Vega / Camera assistant: Kike / Camera assistant: Irene Perez / Art Direction: Andrea Garandillas / Art Assistant: Siggy Martinez, Lola  / Direct Sound: Luis Ortega / Gaffer: Marc Lluisa / Sound editing: Luis Ortega  / Sound mixer: Luis Ortega / Music: Willy Christoulas / Colorist: Nadia Khairat / VFX: Rodrigo Carrasco / Motion graphics: Mendez Herrera / Photographer: Ginés Díaz / Photo retouching: Nico Melian (Bruto) / Cyclists: Elena Bris, Raimon Calitri, Ivan Arribas

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