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Pull & Bear – Digital Content


Pull & Bear is one of the biggest brands in the fashion industry, takes part of the Inditex group. Taking into account the new content visualization trends of its audience, Pull and Bear has focused on creating content for social media, mainly Instagram, where they have asked us to create content for their profile, stories, IGTV, and Reels. The use of the App and its Terms and Conditions makes it so that each format has different lengths, compositions and even a different communicative language. In this case, our job was to empathize with and get to know each of these formats and make pieces that would reach their target audience.

Director: Adrían Rodd
Co director and screenwriter: Ximo Peris
Production company: Studio Bruma
DOP: Jorge Rojas
Producer: Pedro Padrón
Executive Producer & Photographer: Ginés Díaz
1st Prod: Alex Arroyo, Noah Vocker
Cameras: Rigel Pomares, Jorge Rojas, Santiago López
Art Director: Paula Kosoy
1st Art: Lola Vidal
Sound recording: Daniel Rincón
Gaffer: Jorge Fonseca
Music: SonandoVoy
Reels: Victor Crespo
VFX: Sergi Vic
Catering: Be nuts

In this case, the campaign was designed for Halloween. It´s a very important date in many of their principal markets. In addition to taking care of the whole production of the campaign, we handled the creative aspect and the casting. For the presentation of the new Halloween clothing line, the video we were going to do for IGTV had to be as comical as it was terrifying.

Among all the proposals that we brainstormed, we ended up going with the one in which the influencers would have to guess if the nightmares that they were telling each other were true or false. In an almost quiz show fashion, we wrote a script and a series of fake nightmares in a non-fiction format in which there had to be a sort of closeness, a camaraderie among Ana Sotillo, Tommy Aguilera, Fernando Lindez and Irimatic. From something as personal as nightmares we managed to foster an organic conversation in which we explored, in a comical way, content that these characters might not normally have shared: their nightmares. All put together with motion graphics, animated illustrations, and music specially designed for the campaign by our own music producers, the testimonies reach the audience in a visually dynamic and entertaining way.

All the content created for the campaign is aimed at entertaining and bringing light to the brand’s new campaign. We were able to maintain a unified aesthetic within each field, allowing us, through this proposal, to provide visibility to the whole collection that they wanted to display. That’s why for the Reels we ventured into a format more similar to Tik Tok: “Masters of Disguise,” a series of Reels in which the characters interchange clothes through montage tricks. Characterizing the influencers as classic horror film characters, we managed to adapt to this format providing it with a unique and personal aesthetic.

Being able to show the whole brand’s collection was essential in the “Boo Stories” as well, a format that was out of the box in regards to the product Stories that brand´s usually make. We managed to include, within the time constraints that characterize this format, two well differentiated parts. The first, just four seconds, showed the influencers posing in an outfit, simulating a Story of the product while using it. The second part looked for the element of surprise, the fright. The change in the lighting, the outfit and the attitude of the influencers favored this desired effect. For this, we came up with a very neat cinematographic scene proposal, which provided the format with a quality that went along with the upcoming holiday: Halloween.

The result is a unified and neat campaign for Instagram and with a cinematic touch that aims to create an aesthetic quality for one of the most used channels in the world like Instagram.


A different action taken aside from the Halloween campaign was to make a piece for IGTV with the actresses from Elite: Claudia Salas and Georgina Amoros. It was a hard piece to make, since both actresses were in the middle of shooting the show’s new season, and it was impossible for them to get out to film outside the set. That’s the reason why we decided for them to create some dynamic content themselves, shot with an iPhone in an interview style, telling us some personal aspects of their lives and the ways in which they approach their careers. Once we had all those drafts, we moved on to postproduction to provide some additional dynamism to the piece supporting the topics they spoke about with motion graphics and animated illustrations.

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