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Man of today

Hugo Boss

Client: Coty
Directed by: Adrian Rodd
Production: Studio Bruma
Production manager: Pedro Padron
Executive producer: Gines Diaz
Edit & color: Adrian Rodd
Dop: Daniel Meré
Sound fx: Luis Ortega
1st prod: Noah Vocker
Still Photo: Gianfranco Tripodo

Hugo Boss’ Man of Today campaign represents the modern man, one who combines hard work with an action-packed life. That’s the reason why Miguel Bernardeau is the face of this campaign. The protagonist of the hit show Elite (the most watched show on Netflix in 2019), filming with Miguel is quite the experience, as you have to adjust filming to the rare bits of free time that an actor of his category might have. His international reputation has made him a recognizable star worldwide with the tight schedule that that entails.

As such, we had to shorten filming to a half a day which required us to adjust our approach to filming. What at first looked like a disadvantage turned into an opportunity to do high quality work with limited resources, in record time; a work style that we’re used to.

We had the pre-production work done which was key to achieving that high quality content in a short amount of time. Getting ahead with the preparations for the filming locations was what allowed us to get an optimal and proactive work done. In that half day’s work, we managed to do both the photography and the video for the campaign and for social media.


The reverberation of the audiovisual piece was a complete success, reaching 700,000 views and gaining 250,000 “likes” on the artist´s Instagram, which currently has 7 million followers.

Next, we’ll show you some 35mm photos, shot as a “making of” of the project.

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