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Vision Tunel

Cruz Cafuné

Creation of concept, creative direction and production of all the audiovisual content for the release of the album Visión Túnel of Cruz Cafuné.

Creative Director: Adrian Rodd
Production Manager: Pedro Padrón
Photographer: Gines Díaz
Branding: Javier Unknos, Victor Crespo, Adrian Rodd
3D & VFX: Mendez-Herrera
Website: Calizo Studio

The main concept for the creation of the visual part of the album, was to back up the sound that the artist and his production team have developed. A dark and underground sound, escaping from commercial. They worked on a series of songs that represented the tunnel vision that the artist suffered during quarantine, where he saw himself struggling with anxiety and depression, this is what we represented on the visual side with out of focus images, moving streets and circular lighting. Te color gamut of the project was going to be a series of black and whites with red and blue as secondary colors.


The creation of the album cover was done on a home made way, designing on digital and doing an elaboration progress of printing and scanning until we got the texture of a photocopy. We wanted a powerful typography game with a great impact, as we had in mind to print the album branding, taking advantage that the city was on lockdown and because of the pandemic, there were no events advertising in the streets, so all the prints would maintain themselves well during weeks.


The drop of the album was supported by video content realized to apply on social media, a couple of days before dropping the album, the artist published on his social media a video teaser where a preview of the sound of the album was played, and put on the table a day of release and his new website. Days later in that website, the release of his album was streamed. The numbers of the this streaming were awesome, reaching over 80.000 views and peaks with up to 12.000 spectators live.


A photoshoot was made to use on all music platforms where the artist has good impact and to send to the music press as subject of the launch of a new album. Visually, the concept was the creation of an iconic and representative image, on a low tone and applying the color gamut we developed for the album. The lighting was inspired in the sensation of anxiety and need of breath that we can feel when we go thru a long distance tunnel and we can only see a small light at the end.


We produced the videoclip of the single to drop the album, also called “Vision Tunel”. Following the established concepts of all the work we had done, dark ambient, underground, night, rap aesthetic but adding to it a cinematographic touch, with a lot of camera on tripod and planed acts.


We also made the visualizers of the album to apply on Youtube and Spotify. The visualizers were created on 3D, we made a tunnel that would change its color on each track, with the corporative colors of this album. We also created a representative element on each track to apply it turning in the middle of each song. Each design was moulded and made from cero.

We also made a sale website, the designing of the merch, the lookbook, the production of the clothing, the stocking and the shipping of all the merch related to the album. The drop of the merchandising was a total success and we managed to sell out all of the products in less than 6 hours. We prepared shippings from Spain to different countries in Europe and also to countries like Argentina, Peru or Mexico.


To close the project, we created a filter for instagram that reached more than 200.000 uses and also reaching more than 4.5 million views. The filter is still available in the filter gallery of this platform.

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