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Adidas ZX


Creativity and production of the Adidas ZX national campaign with artists Sen Senra and Natalia Lacunza. We created the full photographic and audiovisual proposal as well as all the post-production and deliverables of the project.

Production company: Studio Bruma
Production manager: Pedro Padrón
Photographer: Ginés Díaz
Director: Adrian Rodd
DOP: Ignacio Pinela
DIT: Brian J. Paez
Gaffer: Jorge Fonseca
Art Director: Laura Herranz
Photo Assistant: Noah Vocker
Art Assistant: Elena Marhuenda
Production assistant: Edu García
MUA & Hair: Bosco Montesinos
Natalia Lacunza Stylist: Aigo Studio
Sen Senra Stylist: Adrian Lorca
Edit: Adrian Rodd
Colorist: Ignacio Pinela
Digital retouch: Studio Yague
Adidas: José Vallejo

We produced and made the creativity and production as well as the post-production and content of the national Adidas ZX campaign. From the brand, they asked to follow the campaign according to the values ​​that were transmitted from the international team, where the product had to be seen in an organic and natural mood, but in a visual way that did not go unnoticed and had a great attention call without losing the “soft” point.

The message of the campaign was clear, to bring to 2021 the story of an iconic shoe for the brand. ZX brings an iconic, progressive and innovative franchise that has been around for 35+ years, that stills stands for its originals spirit.


ZX is the mad scientist of the Originals family. Pushing shoes forward with surprising innovation, unexpected color and design. For a generation that traffics in the offbeat, absurd and viscerally strange… We´ll bring out the oddly satisfying feeling of ZX tech. Strategy: ZX tech is oddly satisfying.


On the post-production way, we worked on content that could allow the brand to spread the campaign message in different formats, as well as online or offline, part of the online content we made were various reels of 15 seconds for each artist and product, an advertising spot and the campaign photos. We also gave some photos to the artists so they could use them on their social media to show a more organic content to their fans, using what were not the official campaign photos.


Next, we show you some of the photos and a video of the behind the scenes during the filming of the campaign.

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