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Pull&Bear x Primavera Sound 22


Creativity and content creation, instant editing and graphic design during the Primavera Sound festival for Pull & Bear. The project was developed at Parque del Fórum in Barcelona, location of the festival, from where we coordinated the different teams to carry out the project.

Adrian Rodd – Director, Editor & Creative
Pedro Padrón – Production Manager
Ram Biko – Camera Op
Sergio Martín – Bruma Pa & Camera
Raul Figueroa – Editor
Chaporro – VFX
Alejandro Rodríguez – Photographer
Santana Santana – Branding
Ivan “Disenpi” Hernández – Graphic Designer

The creation of instant and stimulating content able to move across different platforms challenged us to come up with new ways to work on this project. Starting from creative phases, we proposed to create content adapted to the communication that is currently used on platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram. Fast, dynamic and attractive content developed for the use in social networks of the brand and by the influencers who were invited to the festival.

Every year the collaboration between Primavera Sound and Pull & Bear rebrands its image in order to present a fresh look on all levels, seeking to surprise and to offer something new every year, while maintaining identity elements and targets set.

This years novelty was that all the branding and communication was meant to coexist with the collaboration of the English multidisciplinary 3D artist Jack Sachs, who gave image to the entire festival brand with his illustrations, ranging from merchandising, to elements that supported the communication in social media and the decoration of the Pull & Bear facilities. We developed a minimalist branding proposal that prioritized legibility and clarity in all communication pieces, leaving the visual attention to Jack Sachs’ illustrations.


In addition to the creation of content and communication on Pull & Bear’s social networks throughout the festival, we supported the Marketing department by developing graphic design material to facilitate communication with the festival’s logistics workers, the brand ambassadors who visited the festival and had to carry out different actions. This allowed for a more organic and clear organization.



Primavera Sound is an intense festival that takes place over two weekends. It is visited by internationally renowned artists and its massive audience comes from different parts of the globe. To generate content quickly and to amplify the communication of the festival, we worked with two parallel teams: on one hand there was a shooting team, which developed videos that were planned in phases prior to the festival, while also being ready to create more spontaneous content during the ongoing festival on the weekends.

On the other hand we had an editing team that received recordings on the fly. Those were ready to be launched after a short period of time through the brand’s social networks and by the influencers. This allowed the massive amplification of the content with our seal of quality.

With this project we managed not only to create promotional content for the brand, but also for the influencers who were present during the 6 days, achieving a total of 92,021,304 impressions, reaching 35,763,784 accounts on Instagram and 1,531,672 visits on Tik Tok and increasing followers by  49%.


We were working on the creativity a month and a half before the festival. Our creative team prepared a dossier with the proposals to do during the festival in which all the video pieces were included, separated shot by shot with their specific needs.
The influencers would arrive at the brand’s stand and in a few minutes we would be ready to generate the content with them. We approached this step as if it were a traditional shoot, everything controlled by the hour, by art direction and styling, avoiding unexpected situations in order to be able to produce all the pieces that were planned.

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