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Pull&Bear x Havaianas


Creative idea, production and post-production of content for the launch campaign of the collaboration between Pull & Bear and Havaianas. The campaign took place in Benidorm and was completed in one day of shooting: 20 pieces for Reels and Tiktok, 1 Spot and photographs for editorial and website.

Adrian Rodd – Director, Editor & Creative
Pedro Padrón – Production Manager
Ginés Díaz – Photographer & Executive Producer
Eduardo García – Producer
Ram Biko – Camera OP
Sergio Martín – Bruma PA & Camera
Joel Sánchez – Talent
Eduardo Mateos – Talent
Fuen Albaladejo – Talent
Martuch – Talent
Raquel Lasso – Stylist
Siggy Martínez – Art Direction
Alex Arroyo – Production Aux
Irene Pérez – Camera Aux
Marta Recio – Maquillaje

Our visual intention is to create a fresh, casual, colorful campaign leaning towards a “souvenir” aesthetic but without losing the focus on fashion, with nods to the photography of Martin Parr and Slim Aarons.


The digital era we are living in has led us to create a new way of dealing with productions, in which we organize a shooting schedule adapted to all the pieces and specific outputs for the brand’s social networks. In one day we managed to shoot 20 pieces for TikTok and Reels, while also producing the editorial photography campaign and a classic advertising spot. Bringing highly organized creativity to the shoot means that we can create a lot of content in a single day, work with teams divided into units adapted to the needs of each creative, play with different camera textures and make allusion to the digital era, such as making pieces with iPhones that will achieve greater closeness with the public.



While we created content for social networks and social media, we also worked closely with the brand’s sales team to create specific content for the collaboration’s sales website. Product photographs and exclusive video formats for the website were some of the content created for this department of the brand.


The final consumer of the product is a young audience which is used to scroll through social media and has very high aesthetic and visual taste. That is why we focused the creativity on pieces close to fashion, on colorful and very dynamic videos with a souvenir touch in which, in a few seconds, we see many shots and montages close to the communication that Tik Tok uses.

The selection of the campaign location was made by looking for a Rio de Janeiro-type look to maintain the Havaianas aesthetic, and a mix between urban saturated but at the same time beach and paradise. Benidorm was chosen in order to make that reference to the origins of the Havaianas brand while at the same time shooting in Spanish territory simplifying the logistics of production. 



The casting was made by the brand, using models from its Pull Community, model profiles that match the current values of the brand and the social networks of the moment, which are outside the usually anonymous fashion profile, allowing the content to expand through them.


Last but not least we show some BTC of the project.

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