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Change is a Team Sport

Adidas Originals

Documentation of the one-year project Change is a Team Sport for Adidas Originals in Barcelona. It involves a 360 degree project that we produced together with Urvanity art and B murals, where we documented during nearly a year the stay of different artists like Nicolas Romero – Eversiempre, Octavi Serra, Marina Capdevilla, Mur0ne in the “Nau Bostik of Barcelona” including also; the Lockdown months where we had to go on with the production on a remote way. Creation of all audiovisual content, photographs and content pills for different media, for the brand and artists.

The Documental is online on the international “Adidas Originals” YouTube Channel.

While making a long documentary about all the action we had been shooting for this more than yearlong project, we also made different edits that were released on a monthly basis on the social media accounts of both Adidas and the artists themselves. We created edits for Instagram, Twitter, and Stories and for different media channels that were covering the event every month. We created these materials exclusively for the project: we did the production, the shooting, the photography, the design and graphic animations, as well as the music and the project’s original soundtrack.

We worked with the local teams from Barcelona. Following the objective to show that change requires teamwork, the work completed couldn’t be more in tune with that spirit. Our prep work was to thoroughly understand the context in which we would be working, so that we could record without affecting the preset environment. Our dealings with people from all the different associations, the artists, the organizers, was always based on the respect and the philosophy of “live and let be”, in order to achieve the objective of the job, always preserving the spirit of that neighborhood and its people.

Along with the video material, we made fixed picture content with photographers Ampi Aristu and Ginés Díaz, which was portrayed on social media accounts, in addition to the artist’s social media accounts, during the entire period of time the event was active. It was also transformed into paper format as a fanzine through Tramontana Magazine.


All the material created was collected and organized into a book published by Tramontana Magazine, which has specialized in Spanish urban art and culture for more than 25 years. Next, you can see some images taken from the book. The magazine highlights the work done as a vanguard in favor of change, cooperation and artistic freedom.


Director: Adrían Rodd
Production Company: Studio Bruma
DOP: Ignacio Pinela
Producer: Pedro Padrón
Executive Producer: Ginés Díaz
2nd camera unit: Dani Millan, Raul Delabrave, Tatiana Poplawski
Aux production: Noah Vocker, Nerea Westerop
16mm: Daniel Mere
Life sound: Blai Barba
Sound FX: Luis Ortega – Daniel Rincón
Sound Mix: Luis Ortega
Music: Choclock, Govea La Firma, Amber Window, Horror Vacui
Color grading: David Castañon
Edit: Ignacio Pinela, Mayra Morán, Adrian Rodd
Still Photo: Ampi Aristu, Ginés Díaz
Photo retouching: Nico Melian (Bruto)
Photography development: Aulaga Lab
Collage: Jorge Criado
Animated Illustration: Marine Hercouët
Developed 16mm: Augustus color
Artist: Nicolas Romero – Eversiempre, Octavi Serra, Marina Capdevilla, Mur0ne
Urvanity: Sergio Sancho, Victoria Rios, Tamara Rabitsch, Sara Coriat
Bmurals: Ana Manaia, Xavier Ballaz, Mar Marco
Nau Bostik: Xavier Basiana
Host: Mishii
Adidas: Pablo Yague, Jose Francisco Vallejo
Adidas Barcelona: Oriol Fane
Guionista: Ximo Peris
Motion Graphics & credits: Victor Méndez
Production Assistants: Pablo Mejia, Cristian Diamante, Luciano Luzopone, Agus Agra, Mar Marco, Lea Fauroux.
Nico Romero Collective: Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture + Escuela Llotja, Xavi Arroyo, Vitor Schietti, Miquel Oller, Caroline Flamen, Katharina Arndt, Juan David Ortiz, Hannah Berestizhevsky, Carola Falment, Albert Nuñez
Octavi Collective: Alumnos Escuela Llotja
Murone Collective: I.E.S Joan Fuster – Profesora Alicia Roman
Marina Collective: Residentes Nau Bostik + La Sagrera Alternativa: Paula Rossello, Jorge Sanchez, Josep Ma. Llober, LLuis Hortisk, Katarsin, Merce Sellarés, David Sunyol, Laura Guiteras, Prollema, Roman Polankik, Aureli.

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