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We went and jumped again into the sea with another campaign with our dearest friend Miguel. This time by the hand of Biotherm as part of one of the brand’s star products rebranding, Aquapower; all content shot between the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. 

Creativity & Production Company – Studio Bruma
Production Manager – Pedro Padrón
Producer & Still Photo – Ginés Díaz
Director & Editor – Adrian Rodd
DOP – Adrian Rodd and Ignacio Pinela
Water cameraman: Rafa Herrero
1ST Camera and Drone: Ram Biko
Starring – Miguel Bernardeau, Miguel Lozano
Colorist – Ignacio Pinela
Sound Design – Luis Ortega
Copy – Jorge Aguado
Special Thanks – Keanu Sutra, Apnea Canarias team

We dived into Miguel’s lifelong passion for the ocean. His love for the environment that ties him to Biotherm has its origins in his inspiration by the sea and the care for the oceans.


For the first part of the project, Bruma’s crew traveled to the island of Tenerife, where the Freediving World Champion, Miguel Lozano, trains. Freediving is a discipline which Miguel has been passionate about since he was little. Being able to engage into a course with one of the sports legends allowed us to get a closer and more personal outlook. Miguel not only exposed himself to an impressive challenge but also, thanks to Lozano, he achieved the 30 meters depth barrier.


At this stage of our relationship with Miguel, we were very aware of his deep love for the oceans and its aquatic life, therefore we proposed the brand that for the next episode we’d like to tell where this passion came from. We talked at length and found out about his childhood in Ibiza where he had always spent his summers with his family, when he learned to dive and to sail. This conversation awakened our documentary instinct and we finally proposed the brand to enhance a genuine and high quality content to associate with their product, telling his story from scratch.


We traveled to Ibiza during his summer break between filmings and followed him for three days. The result was an amazing experience, discovering extraordinary landscapes where to shoot both Miguel’s love story with the ocean and the product’s content.

The final outcome is the merge of Miguel’s passions with the values of the “Water lovers” campaign for Biotherm, a strong message of credibility through the talent enhancing a high product value and visual content.


The brand uses all this content for various advertisements, such as banners, ads and a multitude of formats on social media, so we adapt the videos for playback on different devices.


To capture all these underwater action, we had one of the best of the world on our team, documentalist Rafa Herrero, cameraman of most of the BBC’s projects just as “Blue Planet”.

All projects